http://ritasalas.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Hector-Salas_BW1.pngKatana Web Graphics Design Masters & Our Webmasters are located in North-East Georgia, North of Atlanta.

The Salas Team is a group of accomplished, experienced web and graphic designers, photographers, web authors, and experienced web content managers  and site administrators. We provide a spectrum of services and do so with professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication, you expect from others.

The principal, Hector Salas, worked for many years as a web content manager, site administrator and graphic artist. His expertise includes over 15 years teaching site administration, programming for the Internet, computer graphics manipulation and design using business concepts and communication principles leading to creating content that works. He is also an artist, photographer, web author and administrator. Cross cultural know-how in business, art and technology is at the heart of our business.

We are a full-service design studio offering creative, professional graphic design services for the web, web design and development to meet your business goals. We know that your image is a vital part of your business. Your Web site, advertising, and marketing efforts must offer more than just a pretty picture. Your image and website has to work hard for you, with words and graphics tailored to tell your story to potential customers, and it has to have the desired effect on your bottom line.

Our experienced design team works with you to ensure that you get the right image and a return on your investment. We focus on understanding your business, your marketing environment, and what makes your company unique. We help you find the design solution that best meets your needs, from a simple ad to a corporate identity program online, and then we complete it efficiently and economically.

For more information contact us and visit: Katana Webmasters