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Katana Webmasters is a service of Katana Business Solutions, founded by Hector Salas in 1995. Katana Webmasters provides World Wide Web site design, site development to meet your needs, and  site management. The advantage of Katana is that we work for you, and we’ll match your vision. Our expertise covers all your needs when it comes to your web presence, from special services such as problem solving a process, performance, or procedure; from conducting Web site analysis, to design, to search engine marketing. Take a moment and see our portfolio and then contact us and experience the Katana point advantage.

We will help you by giving you the advantage of Katana Webmasters  years of computing experience. It is our vision to provide quality Internet services with modest costs to our clients. The way we accomplish this is:

  • by following a logical and sound Internet Presence Development  Model,
  • by continuously improving on our processes, performance, and procedures
  • and applying web concepts, design and marketing principles for creating effective Web pages.
  • But most importantly, working with you, fulfilling your need, and delivering your message to the visitors of your website.

I assure you that you will have the Katana point advantage working for you to your satisfaction. Email me, or call me and tell me how we can help you.


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Web Site Design
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Katana Webmasters Works for You

It is our vision to provide quality Internet services with modest costs to our clients. See why you should meet the challenge of change. Take a moment and evaluate our services. All the costs are listed so that you can better plan your needs. Tell us how we can help you and we'll share with you a wealth of information to help you make the best decision, get the best service, and start driving traffic to your Web site.