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Fees and Services

¤ Web Authoring and Editing Services – Rate $55 per hour

Web authoring and content editing services to match your vision is always first and foremost. You need content, words, phrases that work? Then you need Katana Webmasters.


¤ Site Analysis – Rate $35 per hour (1 hr minimum)

Need an expert opinion based on present day Internet trends and best practices? Katana Webmaster, Hector Salas, is your expert! Site Analysis includes an improvement opportunity report that you can take action on. Website enhancement recommendations will be based on site analysis specifically for how you need your website to work for you ~ opportunity for improvement.


¤ Website Setup with Content Management System – starting at $250

This option is best if all you want is a setup to work on your own. We'll setup your new hosting space, and help you find and register your domain name. Then we'll setup your Website with one of the most user-friendly Content Management Systems (CMS) that best fits your needs. We setup your site and you take over. We have mastered these CMS for best service: WordPress, Joomla, Moodle, Opencart. Domain Name registration 1st year included. Consulting services on a contact bases available to help you design your website, if needed. 

Now, once your setup is complete and ready to go, designing your Website would be the next phase. You could engage in the CMS and design your own or ask for our  professional expertise and let us design your website for you in as little as one week.


¤ Complete Website Design Services – starting at $800

Website Design would be the next phase after setup. For the busy business minded individual, our Complete Website design services is the best option! Ask us to design your new website and we'll include Website hosting space and Web Content Management System setup. Yes, that's right! The setup and design starting at $800.

With our professional expertise we could design your website for you in as little as one week.  We have mastered these CMS for best service: WordPress, Joomla, Moodle, Opencart. And we have the skill, knowledge and know-how to do it right.

Start with our most popular web design package and with the CMS you need most. Package may include custom website creation (up to 8 pages), domain name registration (if needed), logo to match your business identity, custom web graphics to match your theme, smart interactive navigation structure, contact forms, programming CMS options for best performance, image optimization for faster page load times, cross-platform testing, search engine optimization and employing marketing strategies for driving traffic to your website. Premium extensions or enhancements are extra.


¤ Search Engine Marketing – Rate $120 per hour

Employing today's new techniques, tools, and best practices using search engine marketing to achieve your site business goals. Ask about our full Search Engine Optimization service for your established website, or a newly developed website.


¤ Virtual Website Administration Assistance – Starting at $40 per hour

If you cannot manage the configuration for your Web site using the host services, or you are pulling your hair with panels and dashboards, or your soon to be ex-host (you thinking) or a problem on your site that is making things look bad, or you lost your site administrator then you need the expert. Katana Webmaster, Hector Salas, is your expert! Experienced system administrator, database administrator, webmaster, developer, and system engineer solving problems and employing smoother processes and procedures since 1990.


¤   Web Content Management Training, For Website Owners – $60 per hour

Need one-on-one training on how to manage your content, edit, publish, or creating new pages or posts? With Katana Webmasters you get the training you need, tailored to your need, where you need it – at your system. Since 1990 Mr. Salas, Katana Webmaster, has trained government personnel, small business owners, Small Office – Home Office entrepreneurs, and artist show casing their work. You'll learn how to manage your content, take control of your content, based on Web Concept and Design Principles.  Best of all, with Katana Webmasters you could tailor your training for as many hours as you can set aside from your busy schedule. One to three hours $60 an hour or $50 an hour for four or more hours plus travel.  Some travel restrictions apply. However, Virtual coaching is an option, no travel required.


¤  Virtual Coaching with the Knight Webmaster for Site Owners – $Contact us

Knight webmaster, play on words! What we mean is virtual coaching in the evening hours, after your main day is accomplshed. We'll work out a schedule that is best for you and assist you toward obtaining success.


Call us today and let's get started and see what works best for you.