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Site Management

Web Site Management is about providing answers but more then that it's about sound and practical solutions. Katana has mastered web site management because we have experience working with administrators, and business owners resolving issues and challenges. If you need a quick web site fix to a problem, or you need a short-term, or part time Web Site  Administrator, contact us and let’s discuss what we can do. We understand your need for quality web site management.

It's amazing how often we hear the following:

¤   I’m not happy with my site and I haven’t heard from the guy who got it on the Internet for me. How can you help me?


Katana works for you. That means when you need help, suggestions, or a solution for improving your site, we’re there for you. Best of all, Katana communicates with you as often as you need, and I don’t mean just sending a bill. You can expect:


  • Site analysis and report about the health of your web site.
  • Web Marketing strategies and Search Engine Optimization to improve traffic.
  • Problem solving whether it’s a design problem, or the developer’s code at the back-end. 
  • We’ll be your on-contact solution provider, site administrator for the day, or more as needed.


If all you want is an independent diagnostic of your web site, Katana will analyze your Web pages and cover the findings with you. You have questions? We got answers. Send us an email anytime, tell us what you envision your website doing for you and we will fix it, enhance it or give you recommendations for taking advantage of improvement opportunities. Your questions, suggestions, and comments are important to us. As your webmaster, and I mean your webmaster, I will work with you and for you, that's what makes us special.


 ¤   I have a Web site but I don’t have the time to update it and revise it like I want to. Do you get involved in managing Web sites?


Yes, we do! Katana offers business solutions that many other Internet companies just don’t want to bother with. We understand that keeping a Web site up-to-date takes time from the more important things you have going. Let me point out that Katana works for you. You have the Katana Point Advantage by letting us manage your web site. The advantages:


  • Updates you send us, done as quickly as possible.
  • Verification of links, spelling, form processing, theme layout… whatever it takes to look good.
  • Search engine optimization to increase traffic to your site.
  • Security updates, spam and annoyances stopped before you get banned by search engines.
  • Registration updates as needed, no interrupts.
  • And more Site Management duties as required including backup and recovery .
  • We’ll even send a report to you when it’s done.


Contact us today, for your opportunity for improvement.