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¤   Web Content Management Training

Need one-on-one training on how to manage your content, edit, publish, or creating new pages or posts? With Katana Webmasters you get the training you need, tailored to your need, where you need it – at your system. Since 1990 Mr. Salas, Katana Webmaster, has trained government personnel, small business owners, Small Office – Home Office entrepreneurs, and artist show casing their work. You'll learn how to manage your content, take control of your content, based on Web Concept and Design Principles.  Best of all, with Katana Webmasters you could tailor your training for as many hours as you can set aside from your busy schedule. One to three hours $60 an hour or $50 an hour for four or more hours plus travel.  Some travel restrictions apply.

Most adults who are already familiar with the internet and working in a Windows, Mac, or Unix-like computer operating systems can learn the basics in two hours of one-on-one training. But everybody is different. Call now and let's discuss what works best for you and set a plan.

¤   Microsoft Office, Computer, or Internet Training for the Busy Business Person

Still confused where all your files are and where they go? How to get the most of your system? Need to know how to create documents for school or work? Since 1990 aside from training folks how to be build the perfect web site, Mr. Salas has trained adults, especially busy  executives, on the essential computer skills, such as Microsoft Office –

  • Microsoft Word to create essential business documents,
  • Excel spreadsheets for crunching numbers and creating charts,
  • Access database for organizing information,
  • Publisher for simple desktop publishing,
  • Building a powerful PowerPoint presentation,
  • Cloud computing on the Internet or Intranet from your office,
  • Managing activities with Microsoft Outlook or CRM

Katana training will prepare you for success in the work place, school or your own business without you having to sit in a classroom filled with students striving for one-on-one attention. Ninety percent of businesses use Microsoft Office and are in need of people with the skills necessary to be productive. But not all provide training to build your skills. If you are a small business or Small Office – Home Office owner you now have us, Katana Business Solutions and Training.

  • One or more hours, $40 an hour plus travel. Some travel restrictions apply.
  • Male and female Instructors available for Home Business Owners who prefer to have a choice.
  • Get the training you need, tailored to your need

Call us today and let's get started and see what works best for you.


Serving North-East Georgia and the Northern Atlanta Metro Area.